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Locked in Rehab

By Trevor Yau


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Trevor Yau (paranoid skitzophrenic) currently detained in rehab mental hospital. If you got the hustle drive and dreams, your dreams can come true !

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locked up in mental rehab i have made a charity already in 1 week helped 3 mcs get on youtube "trevor yau 1ey" and on itunes 31st may all proceeds go 2 charity

New clothing line and studio album from rapper

Trevor Yau has been working with the sound crew at Wolverhampton's Beatsabar Music Project to record the follow up to his debut album Documentary on Section Three, having met the crew when he lived in the city about three years ago.

Mr Yau, who currently lives in Abergavenny in Wales, is also looking to release his own clothing line, called Triple Oh Crew.

He said: "It's the same sort of clothing line as G Unit or Rockerfeller or Wu Tang Clan and is influenced by hip hop and made into a clothing line, wearing the same sort of thing that ODB once wore.

"It'll be T-shirts, tops, hoodies and anything else that people want and it's great to be able to take something I do for a hobby and make it a business."

For Mr Lau, the road to having his own clothing label and rapping career has been a long one, having struggled with a mental health condition for years.

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A lil piece explaining detained under section 3 in mental rehab pro vid in room

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Mold rapper defying mental illness with first studio album

A BUDDING rapper and mental health patient is showing that disabilities do not have to be constraints in the pursuit of dreams.

Trevor Yau, who lives in Mold, lives with paranoid schizoaffective disorder.

But that has not prevented him from pursuing his passion of making music, so much that he released his debut studio album in 2016.

Trevor, who has built a strong following to his YouTube and Facebook videos, linked up with Temple Records music store in Hereford for the launch of his 'Locked in Rehab’ album, named in reference to the mental illness rehabilitation units he has stayed in.

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Hereford rapper's debut album released

A HEREFORD rapper has released his debut album - and fans have been eager to get their hands on the new CD.
Trevor Yau, who has built a strong following to his YouTube videos, linked up with the city's Temple Records store for the launch of "Locked in Rehab".
Guy Davies, who owns the store in Bastion Mews, said fans dropped in to pick up signed copies.
With a number of orders made via the internet, Mr Davies said he has already ordered extra stock.
Trevor, who went to Whitecross High School, cites Snoop Dog, Public Enemy and Eminem as his musical influences.

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For Sale:
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